Night of the Living Dorks (DVD)

Night of the Living Dorks (DVD)
It's no Shaun of the Dead.
Updated: 02-18-2007

Night of the Living Dorks is a German spoof film on the zombie genre, and as the title warns, it is pretty dorky. Think: American Pie meets Dawn of the Dead.


The action begins "some time ago" on the voodoo-friendly isle of Haiti, where a flesh-eating zombie is incinerated in its tracks by an enterprising domestic worker, then sold online as an ancient relic. A goth kid wins the auction, and plans on using the ashes in a magic ritual to resurrect Kurt Cobain, but when his nerdy classmates blunder into the ceremony and get "zombiefied" themselves, things go terribly awry.


The dorks are: horny Philip (Tino Mewes), nebbish Konrad (Thomas Schmieder) and stoner Wurst (Manuel Cortez). Once infected with the curse and trying to make the best of a dire situation, the trio of nerds embark on a journey to get laid, score weed, wreak revenge, and of course, wolf down plenty of human entrails. As their brains and bodies rot, it's no problem because staple guns can re-attach disembodied dicks and a few chains can restrain that certain friend who's gone a bit too mad.


With a decidedly 80s sex-comedy teen vibe, Night of the Living Dorks offers up some goofy, if uninspired, unoriginal fun. Personally, I was bored stiffer than a corpse in full rigor as the movie rolled on, but I can definitely see how some viewers might enjoy the silly antics unfurling onscreen.


The DVD has a surprising abundance of additional release material. There is an extensive behind-the-filming featurette; deleted and extended scenes; an alternate ending, plus a gag reel and the movie's theatrical German trailer.

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