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Birthday 1970-12-11
Homepage myspace.com/triciakitty
Yahoo triciakitty@yahoo.com
Location VA
Occupation stagehand/artist
About Me I am a 37 year old stagehand, artist, musician and videographer. I am a sarcastic bastardmonkey which can get me into trouble at times...heheh. I became obsessed with everything having to do with Horror at a very young age which kind of worried my mom at first...hahaa! Now she and my Dad fully support my art- including my dismembered dollies.

I've made dolls for Ben Templesmith, David Slade and Jim Rose so far and am currently working on an Ed Gein collection for Ryan Lee- an award winning tattoo artist out of Green Bay, WI. He's decorating his booth like Ed Gein's kitchen. I make custom and one of a kind dolls for anyone who wants them...

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