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Sindel (Carrie?)

Since we're talking about female-avatar folklore and its relation to horror-cinema psychology, I want to compare Sindel (Mortal Kombat) to the Harlot of Babylon (Biblical figure) for modernism-values purposes.

You decide if modern media caters to 'gender entertainment.'

This comparison was inspired of course by Carrie (Stephen King).

{for this mock-exchange, I'll refer to the Harlot of Babylon as HOB}

SINDEL: American girls love Barbie dolls.
HOB: American women like Ellen.
SINDEL: Modern-media caters to pluralism dialogue.
HOB: It also caters to pornography.
SINDEL: I'm not comparing Barbie to Carrie...
HOB: Why not? Isn't consumerism...a tragedy?
SINDEL: There's nothing vain about Christmas shopping.
HOB: Why does Harley Quinn prophesy about commercial vanity?
SINDEL: Harley is jaded about media-intellectualism...
HOB: Maybe that's true, but I'm not endorsing gender-idealism!
SINDEL: Women in the public pulpit represent social progress.
HOB: Many men find 'brainy women' anything but comforting.
SINDEL: Many men also forbid their wives to drive (cars).
HOB: Restrictions on gender reflect social views on contracts.
SINDEL: In that case, female-avatars (in art) are shocking.
HOB: So is Stephen King (Carrie) a psychiatrist?


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