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Smile No budget slasher short film

"Violet" a no budget slasher short film.


I'm a no budget film marker, currently working on some new projects. This was my first horror short.. let me know what you think :)
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I think it's great! I like you get right to it: editing is really tight, that is appropriately short-duration shots. Love the shots/angles/direction: again, appropriate and mostly conventional so that the shots and story are easily accessible and understandable.

Also loved the 'attached to the door' camera shot.

Curious... why did you choose to use the voyeur shots (someone watching from behind something), specifically referring to those with the slight hand-held movement (as opposed to a static shot)? As you know that will (or can) allude to 'someone is watching, who's not the two main characters', and thus give the expectation that that third character will arrive in the story.

Also too, I think one shot displayed what appeared to be film lenses (next to her hand closeup shot). What were you indicating with that?

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I knew it would end this way.

The thread, not the short film.
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