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Thumbs down What I thought of Deadly Premonition

I was excited when a friend of mine told me he was playing a sandbox horror game. I always thought what a pity was the GTA series, all the time releasing new games, and never any other company doing something free-roam like the GTAs, but of horror genre.

So when I'm told about Deadly Premonition, I get overworked thinking how could that could be. But when I play it, it kind of disillusions me.

For one, it's nothing like GTA, you can go anywhere, do anything, but the options are way, way more limited.

In the streets there isn't anybody, and it can be argued that it's because the story transpires in a small town, but I don't think it's okay... totally empty streets because it's raining and everyone stays at home when that happens?
Come on!

I think the game feels very empty. The GUI is pathetic, it's clunky and counter-intuitive and the Twin Peaks vibe doesn't make up for what goes on with the story, which is, at least the percentage of the game I played, not much.

I must have played until the episode in the art gallery, did anyone reading this post play this game? Does it get better later?

Generally a slow experience that for many can be hard to get into. The only things I liked were the winks to Twin Peaks, and the recurring monologues about horror films while traveling in the car.
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It was an interesting idea...just very, very poorly executed.
I was much looking forward to playing this...and didn't even give it a half hour. Slow. Very little atmosphere. Completely fucked unresponsive anti-intuitive controls.
The door opened...you got in..:rolleyes:
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I never watched Twin Peaks and I haven't gotten very far in this game yet. Two things that bothered me are the driving controls which are terrible and the fact that the main character York is so openly rude to every character he meets. I'm just not a fan of jerk heroes, but I'll try to finish this game whenever I have time because I heard that the story is supposed to be good.
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I never got to beat this game but I'll be frank I didn't really like it.
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