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Old 08-16-2017, 08:04 AM
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Originally Posted by ImmortalSlasher View Post
The best is probably the original Resident Evil and the perfected Resident Evil Remake.
i love the remake as well zero is pretty good too!!
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Old 08-29-2017, 12:02 PM
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Outlast 2 or Evil dead retribution
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Old 09-05-2017, 08:38 AM
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The Fatal Frame series has always been my favorite. If I had to pick one of them, it would probably have to be the second one. I even have a red butterfly tattoo-- it's pretty close to my heart (both literally and figuratively =) )

There is just something so beautiful yet creepy about the series, and the visuals and storylines are always compelling.
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Old 09-25-2017, 09:09 AM
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Cool Fav Game

Outlast Forever!
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Old 04-17-2018, 05:59 AM
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I can't pick just one lol that's like asking me to pick who my favorite child is. I'll just list some of the ones I love the most:

Resident Evil remake
Resident Evil 0
Resident Evil 2
Resident Evil 3 Nemesis
Resident Evil Outbreak File#1
Silent Hill
Silent Hill 2
Silent Hill 3
Silent Hill 4 The Room
Fatal Frame
Fatal Frame 2 Crimson Butterfly
Fatal Frame 3 The Tormented
Haunting Ground
Siren Blood Curse
Lone Survivor
House of the Dead Overkill

Edit: I'm also in the process of trying to play Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare and Deadly Premonition so maybe I will add those games to my list of favorites too.

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