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Don't Hang Up
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Don't Breath... SO good. What a great concept for a horror movie...
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Psychopaths, 2017. 7,5/10

Rented this last night. Yep, amazing. I'm not surprised. I love Mickey Keating's movies.

Alot of people won't like this.. Someone I know turned it off and will try to watch it again...later.

Fans of Keating's film style will adore this.

Jeremy Gardner, who starred and directed the film The Battery is in this. He is outstanding as this psycho cop. His dialog and acting owns this movie and he's only in a few scenes. My favorite.

Thumb resize.

Day of the Dead: Bloodline, 2018. 0/10

Kill. Me. Now.

Worst film of the year. I know it will be.

I rather watch Pitchfork.

The acting was horrible... an emotionless mess. The Zombies, the FX.

I don't want to talk about it anymore.

Thumb resize.

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Thelma (2017)

After moving to Oslo for her college education, Thelma soon starts to experience some seizures as her religious upbringing couldn't hide her dark secret much longer into this new surroundings of urban life, freedom & friends. Raised in isolation, her parents tried their best to suppress Thelma's subconsciously-controlled strange powers all these years but the recent development of her romantic feelings for a new friend triggers some inexplicable chain of events; and as we know, every 'Jean Grey' (or her long distant cousin) must go through her own journey of self discovery with devastating consequences.
This Norwegian thriller was somewhat like a slow burn, art-house take on a X-MEN spin-off sort of story. Though there were some lose ends but it was beautifully shot & acted, one of the finest offerings from 2017's European cinema.

>>: B+
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I've yet to see the (probably disappointing) JIGSAW movie, and it's been ages since having watched any of these.
We grabbed all 7 of the original series to watch before buying the new one on BluRay.
Also, this time we'll watch them close enough together to actually follow in terms of the carry over characters and events...something I've never been able to do before.

So, Saw...I still like it, but some of the acting is really glaringly atrocious, specifically from Cary Elwes...was this guy ever considered a "good" actor? I'm thinking not. He can play calm just fine, but the moment there's any emotional state it just becomes like someone doing a "bad act" of it. Yeesh.

It's one of those movies that loses a bit of value from initial viewing and already being aware of the twist/s involved, but it's still somewhat watchable...I feel like killing Tapp off was a bit premature in the series, but I guess they didn't know if there'd be such a slew of sequels or not at the time.

One thing I've never understood, is exactly why Adam was captured...and I still don't get it. Because he was a P-I? I mean a job is a job, right? Usually they're only catching out wrongdoers anyway...it just seems a petty reason to make him one of the "players".

I did like Zep, although he seemed to be enjoying it a little too much.
I think he was a bit of a precursor to a few of the other unstable assistant characters. Then when his tape is revealed...he's been poisoned and "has to" do this. He was a Janitor. He actually did/said something nice in the hospital so that Gordon could humanise his patients beyond a case number.
It strikes me that he *probably* could have just talked to him...I think he'd be up for it, given his intro scene. I looked up some info on this. "inferiority complex"...I'm sure a lot of janitors might feel this way. "Talks about the doctors and their affairs behind their backs" - Maybe this is a plotpoint in later films but nothing in this one...and, is that THAT bad? I mean the main one he seemed to have issue with was Gordon.

So that's some confusion for both the aforementioned characters...put together they kind of go against the whole Jigsaw killer "people who deserve it" type deal introduced when his character is further explored in later films, or at very least pretty lame reasons. A job, and a guy who'd have every right not to be greatly satisfied with life - These two decisions? They just make him come across as a prick.

All in all, this is something of an iconic modern horror. I'd still give it a 7/10 for its (at the time) originality.
The door opened...you got in..:rolleyes:

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El Bar

- A

In bustling downtown Madrid, a loud gunshot and two mysterious deaths trap a motley assortment of common urbanites in a decrepit central bar, while paranoia and suspicion force the terrified regulars to turn on each other.

Found it good, enjoyed it. It lacked something, but can't get around what.

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You're Next:

After the opening kill, it starts off with a couple on their way to a family reunion (the parents are celebrating their 35th wedding anniversary). Things go south fairly quickly, first with the classic family argument, then with a (group of) killer(s) invading the house.

Enjoyable stuff. Good build-up, a few good jump scares and a decent twists.

- The smartest character (inevitably the one getting killed first) is set up well.
- They layed it on a bit too thick with Zee's weirdness.
- The ending with the cop is pretty funny.
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Der Nachtmahr, 2015. 7/10

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Genesis, 1998. 10/10

Thumb resize.
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Always Shine, 2016. 5/10

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