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Originally Posted by Repo'd View Post
Excellent triple feature. Classics? No argument here!
Thanks Repo'd I watch them at least once a year sometimes with Zombi 2/Zombie Flesh Eaters I can't get enough 70s/80s gore lol
"The wind that would have killed us both, it saves my life"-Bel Canto
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Folies Meurtrieres, 1985

Several chapters about a masked man killing everything in his sight.
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SUSPIRIA (1977). Have fond memories of this...first girlfriend was a cute little freshman (to my Sophomore) who I took to see this on a date (Ticket seller was a friend's sister who let my 16 year old self in). She was scared to death by it and clung to me which made me take note in dumb 70's vernacular that "...Chicks DIG scary movies!"
Now found it hard to get into...some amazing sets and camera work, always nice to see Joan Bennett and great gore throughout, but story just meanders and not helping is an incredibly LOUD score by Goblin, which all but drowns out the film. **1/2
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this horror movie is very good. http://uploadrocket.net/u3gu6gnesyd4...BDRip.mp4.html
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Ghousthouse 1988

Faux News, telling you what you think you already know!
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Let us prey - 8.5/10

Scottish/Irish coproduction?

Good story, good build up, keeps you on your seat, keeps you guessing,... Great work.
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a European horror star

She died just last week (Lili Palmer), but the obituary in the New York Times, when it listed some of the movies she was in, didn't mention this one: The Finishing School. Do you know this one? It has appeared on TV under a variety of titles, including The house that screamed. One of the actors in it...I forget his name...he also appeared in Vampire Circus.
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Hell of the Living Dead by Bruno Mattei aka Vincent Dawn. This movie was trash.... And I absolutely loved it!
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European Horror

Female Vampire, directed by Jess Franco.
So I'm a pervert.
This is a good place to complain: When Franco died, the New York Times ran no obituary form him. They have run obituaries for Ingrid Pitt, Paul Naschy, etc. Do you know who got on the obit page? A Hollywood hairdresser.
I wanted to reply to the Times: "When Roger Corman dies, are you going to run an obit? Of course! Well, Franco was the world's Roger Corman. Two differences between Franco and Corman:
1. Franco directed more films.
2. Franco was a better director.
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European vampires

Yes, the Blood Spattered Bride is underrated. The only complaint about the movie I had is the one I always have to vampire movies, no matter what:
Not enough sex.
Vampires have turned me on ever since I first saw the Wurdalak part of Black Sabbath. Yeesh, if the dvd had existed when I was 13, I would never have lived to be 21.
Has anyone seen "Lemora: a child's tale of the supernatural"?
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