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Originally Posted by stonebrothersproduction View Post
I'd have to say I enjoyed the re-release of The Babysitter more than the original. I have no idea if that counts due to it not being the original movie maker not making the sequel or remake I should say, but I thought I should include it for those interested in one better than the original. It was hilarious too.
The Babysitter (2017) was pretty good until after the big reveal. But, ya, I'd agree with you, it doesn't count because I don't see any previous films that have anything to do with this film. Well, I guess I should ask you, Stone, what prior "The Babysitter" film did you see that you thought might be related to the 2017 film? There are a lot of films with that name.

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That film sounds familiar somehow, but I've yet to see it. Consider my interest piqued.
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The Secret Window is a great thriller with horror elements. I think the last version with Johnny Depp is better than the one of 1987. Really appreciate Depp as an actor and basically all the movies he plays at are memorable. There was this story about a mysterious dark house he worked at, looks quite like his own old villa in France which he bought in 2001.
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