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Sharon Tate
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Danielle Panabaker
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Kathleen Burke
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Originally Posted by ChronoGrl View Post
Kathleen Burke
The Panther Woman.
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Originally Posted by The Ugly Duchess View Post
Sharon Tate
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Sharon "don't call me PIG" Tate
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Sharon Tate ....F T W

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Originally Posted by _____V_____ View Post
:eek: dayuummmm
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Originally Posted by _____V_____ View Post
DRAC!! Welcome back, you old codger!

We ve been fine. Ms Pitt will come in later. :D

Sarah Michelle Gellar - 4
Julie Harris - 3
Clea DuVall - 2

More votes needed...
Thanks ________ V ________ :D
Hope I can find the time to join in more this comiong year!!!
And Ingrid better win in a landslide!!!! :D
Finally found my Ingrid Pitt look alike in Dallas :)

The Termin00ber!!!!!!!!!! :cool:
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