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Deadpool 2 (2018) **Spoilers Ahead**

So I have been wanting to discuss DP2 for a while now. I fucking loved this movie and I really hope it's going to lead into an R rated X-Men movie with Deadpool and Wolverine together the right way this time. I lost my shit when he killed the Origins version of himself. It reminded me of how he killed The Watcher in DP Kills the Marvel Universe.

So what did everyone else think?
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**Spoilers Ahead**

I liked it. I thought it was LOL funny quite a few times, generally funny throughout.

The story and execution was definitely inferior to the first film though. The first film saw the characters well rooted in reality and seemed to have plenty of genuine emotional depth (regardless of how supernatural the story was). The second film was a little floaty in that regard; the story and characters weren't well rooted, it usually seemed like just a backdrop for jokes. And you know, some folks don't care about that anyway.

The story of his wife/GF getting killed, and floating between worlds had potential, but I don't think they really committed to it. And I really wasn't buying his commitment to the kid, and correspondingly the kid's story lacked depth and authenticity. I thought Cable nailed it though.

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