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Old 04-17-2006, 08:12 AM
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Fucked up dreams that bother you for the rest of the day.

I have all these really nasty dreams that bother me throughout the day because they are frickin gross. like i had this one dream where i had like this kind of growth on my leg, and there was a like an eyeball on my leg too. so i started fucking hacking away at my my leg with a knife. and i squeezed the eyeball real hard and it fucking popped and white juice squirted about five feet away from me. So now i have this huge gaping hole in my leg. I woke up, it bothered me and gave me the heebie jeebies for the rest of the day.

anyone elese get these or do i deserve to be put in a mental institution?

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Old 04-17-2006, 09:15 AM
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What the shit?!?

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Two that have got to me more than any are:

1: Family lunch thing, going to the beach, myself, mother, sister and my 2 dogs. One of my dogs was my favourite dog I'd ever had, three legged cattledog/german shepherd...long story short, some fucked up shit started happening to the beach, and my dog got sucked under the sand.

2: Had a piss in a public cubicle, then when I opened the door, or turned around or whatever I see a figure, but there's a gun pointed right at my face, a voice says "bang", then the gun fires...I woke up at that point.

Yeah...they played hell with my head for some reason...

Funny things, dreams...it's like you sometimes create characters, they never seem to turn up more than once...like, aside from your friends and family, you have the dream "extra cast" that you think up...it's funny, sometimes you feel you know these random figments of your imagination so well that you wake up a little dissapointed...
Another thing...how many of you have had this - where you find or obtain money outta nowhere in a dream, it's always like "shit yeah!", then I dunno about you lot, but even though I've got the cash, I never get to spend it...my brain just doesn't do financial transactions in dreams...even if I'm in a shop, I'll grab a bunch of stuff, totally miss the part where I actually BUY anything, and then I'm zipped off to a completely unrelated scene, and my purchases are gone, dissapeared.
And another one...movies...going to the movies in dreams, totally confusing experience. If I ever actually get INTO the cinema, the movies you create in my head are always just...weird...sometimes, they like become the next part of my dream, but usually they just fade away and again, I'm someplace else.
Running, REAL slow.
Oh...and driving/motorcycling....Either shit won't start, I can't find brakes, the thing falls apart, disaster.
BOATS! Fuck....every time I dream about being on a boat, a ferry, a cruise ship, any kinda boat for any kinda reason, I ALWAYS end up either missing it, or falling into the water when there's miles to swim either way.
Fighting? I either totally destroy things/people, or hit them and have no effect whatsoever, it's like there's no in-between.
Flying...that's always fun. I wish I had more flying dreams.

...Also...I've yet to understand the strange phenomenon of the whole falling, falling, falling, falling then "landing" on the bed thing...I swear, I've woken up to what seems like a fucking electric shock...i's kinda fun though.

Well...that's all I have to share.
The door opened...you got in..:rolleyes:

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Old 04-17-2006, 10:19 AM
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I always have this dream where a little kid sits on my chest and pushes on my two front teeth until they snap off and go down my throat.... always makes me cringe.
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Old 04-17-2006, 11:32 AM
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Some times I think that dreams are the subconscious way of dealing with questions and problems that our waking lives throw at us from day to day, especially reaccurring dreams. Then, some times, I think that dreams are a way of your brain letting go of some of the stored up mental crap that just sticks in your mind for either no reason or just reasons that make no difference. Thoughts that you dwell on that you really shouldn't get flushed out. I guess it's tantamount to your brain taking a dump. I know that's incredibly base, but's it's a simple analogy.

Hey Cheeba, just a thought. Have you ever wondered if the guy that shoots you in the cubicle is you? I mean, since you can't see him, it may stand to reason... Anyway, it's just something I thought of when I read your post.
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Old 04-17-2006, 01:30 PM
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I murdered all my friends once in a dream, and couldn't speak a word to them all day.

Originally Posted by X¤MurderDoll¤X View Post
oh posher, I love you.

well as much as a girl can love a squirrely little girly man I suppose.

None of this is real
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Old 04-17-2006, 04:34 PM
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dreams...mine are always crazy.

I used to have recuring dreams where my dad would kill my mom and sister then I would commit suicide by jumping in front of a car or something when he was chasing me so he wouldn't catch me.

another one was I was caught in some guys house and I kept finding these dead bodies everywhere, I would call the authorities but I would either send them to the wrong house, they would go to the wrong house or the guy would someone manage to hide all the bodies and they would think I was lying.

One that always creeped me out was I dreampt something happened to my cat, and he comes home with this gaping hole in his side and it's gory and he's in pain but I don't know what to do for him.

then there's just funny.

I was trying to pee in a bathtub while having a conversation with david bowie...I was ok with him watching me pee but when some young 12yr old came in and wanted an autograph from bowie I was like 'what the fuck?! can't you see i'm trying to pee.'

this one was long but to make it short:

driving down road. Mom's head falls off. Head gets put in jar for preservation purposes. meanwhile this alien ship has begun orbiting earth and it looks an awful lot like a terra-cotta ear (can we say chia-pet..). nothing happens for a few days then the women start killing themselves in weird ways, one woman swallows needles and I see them start to protrude from all over her body. One is dying because she gave her boyfriend a pair of scissors and told him to start cutting so he's cutting chunks off of her body...once all the women are mostly dead the men start to be taken over by the aliens...at the end I'm chased into the attic of the appliance repair shop (very specific that was) where I was hiding and the guys skin is sliding off and he opens his mouth about 180 degrees and where his tongue used to there is this massive (about the size of someone's thigh) tentacle with a cloven hoof at the end and he rips off the face of the dude who's with me and as the hoofed-tentacle comes for me I wake up.

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Old 04-17-2006, 04:35 PM
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oh and I was also really mad because I was like 'what does a 12 year old know about bowie.."

hehe nothing against them but in the dream it wasn't cool
Bringing horror back to D-town
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Old 04-17-2006, 06:09 PM
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Smutty dreams about co-workers are the worst. It's like, whoa were did THAT come from. And then when you have to work with them the next day, ya feel creepy, like somehow they know. *shudder*

"There is no fuckin' ice cream in your fuckin' future." -Otis
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Old 04-17-2006, 06:53 PM
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I had a really vivid dream with vampires last night. Something about my friend Sean (6'4" 340lbs) as a vampire moving super fast is really disturbing.

Long story short I ended up a vampire and everyone else ended up dead.:( Not as cool as it sounds.
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Old 04-17-2006, 07:15 PM
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All of my dreams are nightmares....ALL of them. There are very few that bother me anymore. I had one about 2 weeks ago that scared the shit out of me...It's too long to type it all out without the other comp where I have it all typed out in detail. But basically, a girl is eaten in front of me, and on my way out, I'm shot in the gut, but instead of bleeding to death, I aim the gun into my mouth and pull the trigger and kill myself mostly for the fact that I didn't help the girl when I could have....The whole dream was fucked up though. I'll put it on here one day if anyone wants to hear about it.
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