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Congrats, bro!! You rock my pants.

I'll tell ya what...if I ever wanna bow out of this board for good, I will settle for nothing less than a ban from the urge-man!
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Congrats. You´ve reached your first goal.

Next stop. President. :cool:

I'm right. It's the rest of the world that's wrong.
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Originally posted by Angra

Next stop. President. :cool:
Newb won't be too happy about that.
MISINTUPITATED- The act of removing the spine by use of fire.

DEVESTED- The removal of one's vest.

SCTUPP- To deficate on a woman after nonconsensual sex.
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Originally posted by ItsAlive75
Newb won't be too happy about that.
Us Presidents get no respect....perhaps i shall crawl back into my rabbit hole.

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