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FREE horror novel

Lucifer by WH Clark

An excommunicated priest and a shapely French Sister of an ancient heretical Order embark on an investigation of the Occult - most notably the paranormal-UFO-extraterrestrial cult. They're quickly drawn into an international scheme of deceipt, conspiracy, coverup, and death ~ from which they cannot escape. Each adventure only worses their fate - and draws them closer; first in lust, then in love. Rated PG13 for mature scenes and controversial subject content.

Following is a longer summary:

Father Kase Clearey lately of the Vatican Archives is assigned a research project by Pope John Paul, a top secret report for the Pontiff's eyes only. Then His Holiness dies, and Kase carries on to the best of his abilities. The project is to build a factual, technically concise summary of what is known about extraterrestrial presence on Earth in history, and in the present day.

News of the Pontiff's death comes to Kase by special courier, a Sister of a secret Order, which traces its roots back to the Albigensian Heresy, the notion of God and Satan being equals in the cosmic scheme. Sister Gateaux is French, opinionated, quite attractive - and a proud woman who speaks her mind. Her help is enlisted by Father Kase and together they begin a stunning journey deep into the past, revealing mystical secrets with profound implications on the present.

The action centers on a place in Egypt called the Osireion at Abydos. The original archaeologists who discovered the place in the early 1900's believed it was the oldest structure in Egypt - perhaps 5,000 years older than anything else. Father Kase - who traces his own heritage to one of the first Pharaohs, King Khasehemy - links the Osireion to the other worldly creature Leviathan in the Book of Job, then to the Golden Calf in Exodus, the Temple in Jerusalem and other Old Testament icons. His working theory that Leviathan was an extraterrestrial entity becomes more and more realistic, as their researches encounter increasing resistance from first a secret neo Nazi organization, then factions within the Church itself, and finally political powers in Texas.

As the action unfolds, what seemed an innocent research project imperils the lives of both Nikki and Kase. A full archaeological dig of the Osireion goes berserk, when a residual chemical of some kind drives the diggers mad; and a massacre is the only thing that keeps them safe. The chemical is linked to the Ark of the Covenant, which was used before the Hebrews absconded with it when they made their Exodus from Egypt; a dog kennel sized box that was used to induce a euphoric trance on the people. It's prophetic, second sight properties were much sought after in Antiquity - more so in the modern day. They come from Leviathan, and it's bones.

Half way through their investigation, Kase and Nikki discover that everything they found out was long since known to the Nazis, who were obsessed with the Ark of the Covenant - and the Osireion, which turns out to be fabled Well of All Souls. The prophecy dust has long since been used up, but the Nazis made a trap, to capture live extraterrestrial visitors and strike pay dirt when an alien spacecraft is shot down at Roswell, New Mexico on July 2, 1947.

The book is factual, in that all the information on the Osireion, and other artifacts in Abydos - which is woven into a compelling story that takes many things that scholars believe are just Old Testament symbols, and shows they were for real - the parting of the Red Sea, the Golden Calf, the Ark of the Covenant, and of course Leviathan - who turns out to be a gentle creature of hyperspace who lives for millennia in Earth, and ultimately metamorphoses into a baby dragon.

The alien theme is reinforced with many theories from celestial mechanics, implying it may be possible to travel at speeds faster than light, as well as fascinating insights into solar system astronomy and deep space exploration. The only break in the escalating amount of evidence about extraterrestrial visitors are hilarious, romantic (eventually erotic) liaisons between Kase and Nikki - both of whom eventually forsake their celibacy and turn on the Church because it's not possible in light of all they discover, to keep their faith and follow the Church's party line.

As the revelations explode into the modern day, troubling insights are given into 911, the Twin Towers, and the NASA shuttle crash - all being traced by gossamer threads of evidence to a horrific, but extremely powerful black widow in the middle of the spider's web: the University of Texas at Austin. The terrifying Texas connection, traced back to the Nazi exodus from Germany after the war to Central Texas (which has the largest expatriate German population in the world), goes all the way up to Washington, the White House, and the Bush family.
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