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Game Of Thrones

I saw a thread for season six but not a thread dedicated to the series so...

Does anyone else love this show? I find it to be the best show I have seen in years, if not ever. I just bought season 7 on DVD a week ago and killed it in less than a day. I am so anxious and dreading season 8 since it is the final season.
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Favorite show that's on-going right now. Also worried for when it ends, but don't think anything will make me too mad. I don't care who dies or who lives in the end, at this point I just want to see what the end actually IS haha

They had some hang ups in Season 7 honestly, but they made it through more-or-less unscathed and I'm still hyped for the final season. My main issue was with the real shoddy pacing of the season, specifically because of the episode Eastwatch - which covered 3 episodes worth of material in one, and would have been executed much better with the normal 10-episode structure. Oh well, I think the "worst" is over as far as poor storytelling. Now they'll just get right into the endgame... and it'll be glorious.
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I know a lot of people will disagree with me but honestly I didn't like this show. It's like with American Horror Story I just don't like all the rape and incest and cannibalism and killing of young children. I mean what exactly is the point? Are they just trying to be as shocking as possible?
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