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FrankenThug (2017)

So, I got to be in a low-low-budget indie horror-comedy movie called "FrankenTug." It was a lot of fun, and turned into this humorous mass of campiness and horror/grindhouse movie tropes that never stops entertaining. The reviews have been very positive, so far.

Ghoulishly Good Cinema (February 21, 2018): https://ghoulishlygoodcinema.wordpre...od-time-gucci/
"... itís amazing, and I look forward to whats next!"

Depths of Horror (February 22, 2018): https://depthsofhorror.blogspot.com/?spref=fb
"This film is low budget madness at it's best..."

Fitz of Horror (February 27, 2018): http://fitzofhorror.com/2018/02/27/f...horror-review/
"... one of the most fun indie horror movies Iíve seen in a while."

East Coast Horror Group (March 2, 2018): http://www.eastcoasthorrorgroup.com/archives/1022
"If youíre looking for a fun indie film with an intermission hosted by The Son Of Celluloid (Nathan Hamilton) discussing why gratuitous nudity is a must in horror films then this is for you!"

You can't afford to wait on this one. Get a copy, and watch it, now.
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I got to see the trailer on YouTube, there's a few things on it there. That's pretty cool.
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