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SFX's Top 50 Superheroes

...according to their readers' poll.

In reverse order, here goes...

  • 50 She-Hulk, Marvel
    49 Cyclops, Marvel
    48 Elektra, Marvel
    47 Hawkman, DC
    46 Iceman, Marvel
    45 Midnighter, Wildstorm
    44 Colossus, Marvel
    43 Jamie Madrox AKA Multiple Man, Marvel
    42 Northstar, Marvel
    41 The Question, Charlton/DC
    40 Emma Frost AKA The White Queen, Marvel
    39 Marvel Man AKA Miracle Man, Currently Marvel
    38 Scarlet Witch, Marvel
    37 Spawn, Image
    36 The Punisher, Marvel
    35 The Spirit, Eisner-Iger Studio/DC
    34 Silver Surfer, Marvel
    33 Captain America, Marvel
    32 V, Vertigo
    31 Doctor Manhattan, DC
    30 Zenith, IPC/Rebellion
    29 Doctor Strange, Marvel
    28 Sandman, Vertigo
    27 The Tick, New England
    26 John Constantine, Vertigo
    25 The Thing, Marvel
    24 The Vision, Marvel
    23 Kitty Pryde AKA Shadowcat, Marvel
    22 Hawkeye, Marvel
    21 Rogue, Marvel
    20 Rorschach, DC
    19 Nightcrawler, Marvel
    18 Beast, Marvel
    17 Gambit, Marvel
    16 Green Arrow, DC
    15 The Flash, DC
    14 Wonder Woman, DC
    13 Buffy, Dark Horse
    12 Thor, Marvel
    11 Hellboy, Dark Horse
    10 Hulk, Marvel
    09 Daredevil, Marvel
    08 Deadpool, Marvel
    07 Captain Britain, Marvel
    06 Green Lantern, DC
    05 Iron Man, Marvel
    04 Wolverine, Marvel
    03 Superman, DC
    02 Spider-Man, Marvel
    01 Batman, DC

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Iron Man is surprisingly high.

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