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Though I can appreciate that Dune is somewhat harder to understand then The Watchmen. Even at it's most basic the construction of the film is very surreal, Lynch doesn't exactly go out of his way to make the story telling transparent in this film or any of his really.

Still, it's not just the movie going public making the proclaimations, rather people whose very proffessions revolve around watching and analysing film. Perhaps was are just giving to much credit to humakind in general? :p

Anyway I just read the Watchmen novel, it's a clearly a very well crafted piece of work with just some niggling self-indulgence. Moore's near infamous sexism is far more present in the work on issues that didn't come across with the same distaste as in the film.

It's pacing is deliberate and masterfully precise, it never needs to force it's hand or pad the story in anyway. The character's layers are incredibly intricate, the Comedian for me, was again the star of the show.

I actually thought considering it's age the art was spectacular. Yes it typically has some ugly use of color, but the pencils and inks could stand up to nearly any AAA comic title today.

I didn't find it quite as depressing as you Urge, perhaps I am just a darker person by nature, I thought it's uplifting elements matched it's depressing ones elegantly enough that one can embrace it, for good and bad that's what life is all about hey?
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