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I just checked out your website. Nice work. I really like your dark themes and color schemes. Do you do those strictly on your computer or how? As a fellow artist, I'm just curious about your medium. I work mostly in charcoal, pencil and occasionally paints. I have a pretty sweet TCM painting I should put on here, but I have it matted and framed so it would be a bit of a project to get it scanned. Oh well, maybe some day in the near future I'll find the motivation. I also had a pretty cool Pulp fiction painting I did, but my room mates dog licked and fucked it all up. (I hate that bitch... literally.)
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It's good, better than what I can do, but i'd tone down the blur just a bit. Not much, but some.
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It needs blurring to distract from the base-photo, and look more painted.
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Originally posted by EXTR3MIST
It needs blurring to distract from the base-photo, and look more painted.
That's not true at all. Most of my work involves no blurring. I just added the blur to make it feel deep... draw the viewer in more. It's called "Depth of Field". Photographers can use different lenses to get the same effect. I used photoshop and just blurred out areas that are further away and extremely close... leaving the middle ground in focus. Even 3D apps have a DOF (Depth of Field) setting. So... I don't try to make my art "look more painted" because it's not paint. No need for me to "distract" viewers from my work.

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I love your work.
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Cool man, really cool :cool:
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Looks awesome, nice work
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