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Kindle horror novels for $0.99 / 0.99 & 99 Euros

The 99 special is back ladies & gentlemen.
To celebrate my birthday on the 19th of March, I have reduced the Kindle version of my novels to $0.99 in America, Canada, Australia, 0.99 in the UK, 99 Euros in Europe, 99 in India & Japan until the end of March 2022, so why not give them a try...

'When a virus wipes out a vast majority of rats that humans need the blood from to help heal the sick, the surviving ones are placed inside a laboratory. But, after years of being experimented on, they have escaped, attacking & killing anyone who gets in their way.'
Find out what happens by reading my take on a killer rats story.

'When a homeless man returns to life as a walking corpse, attacking a person, it starts off an outbreak of flesh-eating zombies in the town of Clifton Falls. But no one believed it was real until one of the creatures was seen inside someone's house.'
find out what happens by reading my attempt at a zombie story. Part 2 is due for a release around June 2022.

'A spree of murders that leave no clues are linked back to the killings of 5 people from 73 years earlier, where the police chief's grandfather witnessed the aftermath...'
Find out what happens by reading my take on the old saying - night, night, sleep tight & don't let the bedbugs bite -
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