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Halloween Three

This is just a fun Halloween-time 'fan-fiction' which explores how the iconic Halloween media-franchise has become nearly-synonymous with American detention and arguably inspires comics/book writing for a new generation of horror-artists (like me!). Hope you like it (and Happy Halloween!),


Michael Myers escaped from the Smiths Grove sanitarium early October and made his way to Haddonfield to find Laurie Strode and terrorize her once more, after stalking her during the Halloween season just one year ago, and just some 2 decades after being incarcerated as a young boy following the murder of his teenage sister. Michael grew up in Smiths Grove with a nasty reputation of being eerily quiet and simultaneously oddly unpredictable and given to unpredictable bouts of fury and furious scribbled dark art scribbles at Smiths. Now that he'd escaped from the awesome sanitarium, everyone was frightened, especially Laurie Strode.

Well, Michael isn't the first case involving dangerously criminally-insane escaped individuals, but he's certainly become synonymous with the fright of Halloween, particularly in the small once-idyllic town of Haddonfield (USA). Michael Myers has become a dark 'specter' of Halloween-time itself, and when Laurie Strode, the attractive young American high-school senior who miraculously survived his evil killing-spree during the previous Halloween season, listened tentatively on the news as she prepared for a potential 'return' of Michael Myers. Everyone watched the news broadcast.

However, there was a strange 'plot-twist' this turn of Halloween involving the haunting behaviors of the psychopath Michael Myers. This Halloween-time, Michael Myers would see three juvenile delinquent Americans who'd try to 'copycat' his stalking behaviors by purchasing replica masks/uniforms that Michael wore just one year ago in Haddonfield. This 'Halloween Three' wished to wander around and 'fool' individuals into thinking that the 'specter' of Michael Myers was undeniably around...and looming. Michael Myers himself would encounter this juvenile 'Halloween Three' while plotting his new reign.

Michael rode into the suburban area right outside Haddonfield and parked his stolen truck after making his daring and horrible escape from Smiths Grove sanitarium in Illinois (USA). He decided to look up the address of a Halloween costume-store and swiftly walked in and purchased a replica costume/uniform like the one he wore the year prior during his now-infamous killing spree in Haddonfield. He then began to prey on Haddonfield, stalking Laurie Strode once more. As he wandered around Haddonfield in the 2 weeks prior to Halloween Eve, he'd encounter the copycat juveniles known as the Halloween Three.

NEWS BULLETIN: The so-called 'Halloween Three' were found butchered!

Laurie Strode was now beyond doubt that the ninja-like super-psycho Michael Myers was definitively in Haddonfield (USA) once more, and this time he'd not give up until she was definitively dead. She decided to run to the gun-store and purchased two handguns and a rifle with her new gun-license and then drove to an abandoned house, the same house where Michael Myers lived as a young boy, waiting for the iconic psycho of Haddonfield Halloween-time to arrive for an evil showdown.

LAURIE: I knew you'd show up at this house inevitably, Michael Myers.

This eventful showdown between the specter of Halloween Haddonfield (USA), Michael Myers, and the defiant/terrified Laurie Strode resulted in Michael being shot twice with a rifle, in the shoulder and thigh and once with a handgun in the back and with Laurie being slashed in the arms with Michael's horror-knife weapon! Laurie managed to flee the 'Michael Myers house' after managing to defend herself and injure Michael himself while Michael lay on the house-floor unconscious.

NEWS BULLETIN: Laurie's safe, but Michael's body's missing...what's next?



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