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Perry Mason

Robert Downey Jr. will soon be his own lawyer.

The "Due Date" star has slammed evil as a superhero in "Iron Man" and investigated dastardly deeds as a detective in "Sherlock Holmes." Now he'll fight crime in the courtroom as the new incarnation of the famous lawyer character, Perry Mason, according to Variety.

Warner Bros. and Team Downey are teaming to relaunch the "Perry Mason" franchise as a feature film, with Downey Jr. looking to play the title defense attorney role.

The new "Perry Mason," like the original novels by Erle Stanley Gardner, will take place in 1930s Los Angeles and will feature such fan favorites as Mason's secretary, Della Street, private investigator Paul Drake and Mason's longtime courtroom nemesis, Hamilton Burger.

Gardner's 82 "Perry Mason" novels and dozens of short stories have been published in 37 languages worldwide. At the height of his popularity, Gardner sold something like 26,000 "Mason" novels per day.

The adventures of the crusading lawyer were first dramatized in the radio series that began in 1937 and ran for 3,257 episodes. Mason has also appeared in a total of 34 two-hour telepics and six feature films since the 1930s.

The most popular incarnation of the character to date is probably the television series that starred Raymond Burr and aired on CBS from 1957-1966.

The "Godzilla" star was indeed a great Perry Mason -- and we expect Robert Downey Jr., with his impeccable timing and razor-sharp wit, will make an even better one.
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Like every other A-lister in Hollywood, Robert Downey Jr. has quite a few projects on the go at any given moment, but the one that seems to be moving along quicker than others is the big screen version of "Perry Mason."

It does have franchise potential, after all.

The project was first announced last fall and it continues to move forward, as a writer has now been found.

Marc Guggenheim, whose movie CV boasts the dubious credits of "Green Lantern" and "X-Men Origins: Wolverine," has been tapped to take a pen to the movie.

Based on the books by Erle Stanley Gardner, "Perry Mason" started on the big screen with a string of movies in the 1930s with Warren William as the famed defense attorney. But it was the long-running '50s and '60s TV series starring Raymond Burr that launched "Perry Mason" into the stratosphere, and its popularity still stands as the show continues in syndication around the world.

So where will it go now?

The story was been dreamed up by RDJ and Team Downey president David Gambino that will retain the 1930s Los Angeles setting of the source material (smart play) with the familiar gallery of characters, including Mason's secretary Della Street, private investigator Paul Drake, and legal nemesis Hamilton Burger set to appear. So, sounds good. That said, the hire of Guggenheim worries us that rather than being a brainy (but still fun) period thing, they're just gonna essentially "Sherlock Holmes" the shit out of this.

But that isn't really surprising either.

So we'll see how the project develops, but this probably won't be the Perry your grandma remembers.
"If you gaze for long into an abyss, the abyss gazes also into you." - Friedrich Nietzsche
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Apparently, it is now going to be a tv series on HBO. Different writers than previously, but still with Downey.
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Writer Nic Pizzolatto who was previously attached has stepped down to focus on season 3 of True Detective, which he created.

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