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Favorite Villain

Who is your favorite comic book villain? I am completely mired in Marvel comics, so most of my faves come from there:

Mr Sinister (x-men)
Carnage (spiderman)
Venom (spiderman)
Winnowil (Elfquest)
Spiral (x-men)
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dark pheonix
lex luthor
white queen
goblin queen/ jeans clone/ madaline pryor


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Re: Favorite Villain

Originally posted by Vodstok
Who is your favorite comic book villain? I am completely mired in Marvel comics, so most of my faves come from there:

Mr Sinister (x-men)
Carnage (spiderman)
Venom (spiderman)
Winnowil (Elfquest)
Spiral (x-men)
You said 'villain' not 'villians'. But since you get top post more then one so do I.

Lex Luthor
Green Goblin
Spawn (though I wouldn't really call him a 'villain'. But still, Spawn is awesome.)
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My personal favorite, although Im not much of a fan of DC, would have to be The Construct, arch-ememy of Red Tornado. Or possibly the Supernatural sumurai..... Damn, I forget his name, but the dude that trained Kitty Pride (And Wolverine) in their mini series.

And Venom, of course. Carnage, too
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i always likes carnage from spiderman, when him and venom got together 2 go against spiderman they seemed unstoppable
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