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Thumbs up Professor Algernon's Steampunk Magic Show

I've seen Professor Algernon's steampunk magic show many times. I keep coming back because the show just keeps getting better every time I see it!! It's just so funny and entertaining and the magic is incredible!

Steampunk is a sub genre of science fiction set in the 19th century with steam powered machinery versions of the kind of technology you might see today. Professor Algernon (Scot Violette) builds all his own props such as a steam powered laser gun that actually uses steam and a variety of boxes and other authentic steampunk art.

Professor Algernon is a time travelling magician who is in search of nothing. He even has a nothing detector gadget wrist band! He's extremely likable on stage (if a little nerdy) and I find myself always rooting for him to pull off stunts even when it seems like everything is about to go wrong. Algernon is a total pro at the "magician in trouble" kind of magic and I think this is the most fun type of magic of all because it gets the audience emotionally invested and provides the biggest payoff.

Lady Izabela R. Oswald (Julia Everson) plays Algernon's gypsy werewolf assistant. It is really wonderful to watch her grow as an actress and she gave an excellent performance. She truly shocked me twice at this show (in a good way)! In the future I would like to see her offer fortune telling services. My money burns in my pocket after the show!

Chief Engineer O'Callaghan is the sound and light technician. She is only on stage briefly but her positive vibes add a lot to the show.

#3 Of 7 (Brittany Ryan) plays a clockwork automaton. Extremely interesting character (I been fascinated with robots since reading Omni magazine as a kid) in a wonderful costume but unfortunately did not have much to do at this show. I would like to see her take center stage more and it seems like a no brainer for her to robot dance maybe to a Daft Punk song or something?

The most touching and heart warming part of the show for me is the is the portion dedicated to The Schyler Miller Fund. Schlyer Miller was a young man I had a lot of respect for who passed away due to leukemia. At the show you can buy a wood button with his picture on it and are encouraged to take pictures of yourself wearing the button at cool places and post the picture on the Where's Schyler Miller facebook page. All funds raised are given to the Eastern Oregon Theater to help teach people young and old the craft of acting which meant so much to Schyler. I was so moved I am interested in doing a fundraiser for the Schyler fund at my used bookstore.

Professor Algernon's World Of Oddities And Wonder is an incredibly awesome show filled with amazing magic, jokes and dancing! I will keep coming back again and again! Visit Professor Algernon's website at www.timetravelersent.biz where he is giving away a free e-book. Also check him out on youtube! But mostly check out his live show, you'll never forget it!!
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