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Cool Hey


I'm directly coming from France (Cote d'Azur), here to discuss and exchange about horror movies. I'll try to make best efforts to be clear and totally understandable (don't hesitate to correct my potential mistakes =).

Brief, in a nutshell, I'm a law student in FR (business law and tax law more specifically) and a great fan of horror movies (the last I saw : I saw the devil : incredibly violent but kind of entertaining though).

That is why i'm here among you. By jotting down my introduction i realize that the time difference between Europa (FR) and US will be boring but still, ready to debate :p

See you.
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Bienvenu to horror.com.
I command by the power of Christ and the Gospel for this evil spirit that is inside this man or woman to come forward now and to face the judgment of God.

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Hi and welcome!:)

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The Duchess
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