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Originally Posted by aimforthehead View Post
thrash metal
Dark Angel?

I really dig Municipal Waste they do the D.R.I thing with killer old school riffs.
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Originally Posted by aimforthehead View Post
My names Sam and I'm from London. I was bored so I typed in www.horror.com and this came up, looks like a great site.
I've watched way too many horror films, so it's cool to see some people who share the same passion as me!
I'm into hardcore, thrash metal and death metal mainly...these are the only things i like as much as horror!
Hey would that be London England or London Ontario cause if it's London Ontario I must tell you that you live in a very dirty province trust me I should know I live in Ontario and it is really smoggy ... that can't be too good for my asthma lol oh well.
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