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Hey, my name is Alex and I'm from Australia. I have been a horror fan since I was in nappies, well it feels like it anyway!
I posted something before on the general forum, which was just a question about which horror character has had the most movies made about them, I probably should have posted it in here first because I'm not getting any replies :( lol anyways just wanted to ask, I have seen so many horror movies and yet have not found one that has completely scared the pants off me...any suggestions?
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Welcome to the forum Alex.
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Welcome sorry about your bad luck on the general board I normally reply to everyone Ive been gone....dont feel bad there will be many more threads....:D Well I hope you enjoy it here.:)
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probably should have posted it in here first because I'm not getting any replies
LOL hey man i posted:D ahh well, dont worry about getting no replies on some threads, you should see my CANDYMAN thread lol. welcome
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What the shit?!?

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Try watching Dean Koontzs "Phantoms" I found it fairly scary...
good to hear from another aussie horror fan...
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Just another reply for your thread.
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