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Zombie horror set in Japan

Hey all, hope you are well, I have released a new zombie horror set in Japan. The URL link and blurb is below.

While in his final year at university, Andrew Porter heads for an exciting exchange trip to Tokyo. For the 21-year-old and his group of friends it is the trip of a lifetime and he looks forward to immersing himself fully in Japanese culture.
But not long after the group arrives, a series of odd attacks are reported around the city. The huge but usually safe capital is now experiencing its worst outbreaks of violence ever and it shows no sign of stopping as seemingly normal people are infected and are turned into vicious and murderous individuals.
Soon the bustling metropolis, with a population of almost 14 million people, is under siege from a relentless and terrifying enemy and nobody has any idea how to contain it.
As the Japanese Prime Minister seeks help from the international community, Andrew and the rest of his group are stuck in a strange land, fighting for survival against an infection that is rapidly spreading at breakneck speed.
Can they find a way to escape the city and eventually get home again? Or is it already too late?

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blood, horror, japan, zombies

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