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Eli Roth (Eli needs a Bernie?)

Whenever people/critics discuss Eli Roth, the critique comes up about his writing and about how he turns his characters into unlikeable jackasses.

It somehow reminds me of the story of Elton John and how he was mucking about until he met Bernie Taupin. Once that collaboration got off the ground, Elton could focus on what he was good at, i.e. composing and leave all the wordsy stuff to Bernie.

Would/could Roth profit from having a good screenwriter by his side, so he could focus more on the visuals, directing,... Could he use his own Bernie Taupin, so to say?
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Unlikeable jackasses being killed off in horror films is kind of the point of watching horror films. So no. Didn't he make the HOSTEL films? some films are so brutal that you don't need to empathise with the victims.
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