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Newbie from Japan

Hello, just introducing myself. I really love horror movies. Kind of obsessed with it and thought it might be fun talking to other people about it, due to the fact that I hardly find anybody who likes the horror genre.

To me: I'm a student, making right now an exchange in Japan for a year, and yes, hoping for interesting conversations.

Favorite movie...hard to say, but i am mostly into creepy movies, less splatter, and less showing the enemy? As soon as you show me the ghost/demon/whatever it get's boring... I think. *lol* Last great horror movie I watched.. was Annihilation..is that horror?
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Welcome to the forum!
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Originally Posted by Winchester View Post
Last great horror movie I watched.. was Annihilation..is that horror?
I heard it was horror. I haven't seen it yet but I'm looking forward to it. Welcome.
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