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Originally Posted by ImmortalSlasher View Post
I spoiled the first season as I was curious about the twist. I still put it on my list to watch one day. The first season isn't on demand anymore. But I'll get around to watching it one day. I guess the twist makes it horror.

I'm almost finished watching the last season of Ash vs Evil Dead and Superstition. I'll post short reviews soon.
Oh, you read about what the twist was for the first season? That's too bad. There's a lot of twists in the first season, not just one, but that last one would change the way you see the whole season.

I think they do a great job examining ethics, with one character being an ethics professor, and Kristen Bell's character does a great job being selfish in everyday life, it's really well done. Unfortunately, the 2nd season has lost it.

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