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The Audition?

Freakin' creeped me out. Fell in love, too. :confused:
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I love Audition, great horror movie.

I try to share my love for horror with my friends especially the foreign one's. I haven't shown them Audition yet, but its on the list. The Italian film Suspiria was a hit, but the French film Martyrs wasn't. So when I show them Audition I hope they like it as much as I do. Asami definitely goes on my top list of creepy female characters.
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I too love audition you should also check out the Masters Of Horror episode Imprint which was made by the same director Takeshi Miike. If you liked audition I think you would love that.
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Originally Posted by nursecaligari View Post
Great adaptation of Ryu Murakami's book of the same name, directed by Takashi Miike.. who I believe to be one of the more talented J-Horror directors. This is not a date movie, unless you want to sit in awkward silence.
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If you enjoy Takashi Miike's work, check out 13 Assassins. It's a great samurai/period film that definitely has his unique signature all over it! His adaptation of Ichi the Killer is also great, and will probably illicit some priceless reactions from your friends , lol.
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I love how Matt Damon's character was watching it in The Departed.
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I like Asian horror, and have a lot of Tartan Asia Extreme DVDs. Takashi Miike is the exception. I don't like his work at all.
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Originally Posted by RollinFan View Post
I like Asian horror, and have a lot of Tartan Asia Extreme DVDs. Takashi Miike is the exception. I don't like his work at all.
I really wish they re-released those Tartan Asia Extreme dvds on Blu-ray. Unfortunately the company went under. Shame.

Anyway, I'm curious as to why you don't like Miike's work??
I personally love his movies but I wonder what people who don't like his work think.
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Probably the best atmosphere of any horror film in years!
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