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Anyone been following DC comics?

So you know how they did that terrible "New 52" thing?
For the better part this wrecked DC for me.

The Bat titles stayed solid. Most of the rest I just found myself unable to really connect with or care about.

So I wanted to know if anyone has been following DC.
From the pre-52, to the new-52, to the more recent (and thankfully towards being back on the right track) Rebirth titles.

Because I have an issue.
I want to talk about Superman...

It appears as though in the "New 52" titles were in a universe where everyone had forgotten each other/existing relationships/history etc, for the last 5 years - we find this out across the "Rebirth" titles.

So the new 52 Superman Died.
Actually dead. Disintegrated. Done.

Then this slightly older looking Superman appears to help the world out...or rather, he appeared briefly before the other one died.
One died. One stayed on.

So turns out this Superman is meant to be the pre-52 one?

He and Lois have been living with their son undercover under the name "White".
The pre-52 comics had them in the care of said character.
They do have different jobs - as their "new 52" counterparts were in their roles of investigative reporters, so this is/was to maintain cover.
They have memories of the fight with Doomsday that "killed" him, before he came back of course.

The rest of the "Rebirth" comics, it's been realised that somebody has played with time, memories, histories etc.
Whoever it is "Stole 5 years" from them - this was the explanation for the reversion seen in New 52, why nobody knew each other as well etc.

So...if I'm getting this right...

Part, or most, of the "previously-known-as-new-52-and-now-post-rebirth" universe is the characters that were meant to have been in the pre-52 universe.
Minus five years of history.

So, this raises some questions, if this is the case...

The "new 52" Superman, the dead one - who was he then?

The "pre 52" Superman, the one that's had none if HIS history taken away, but is living in this "new 52/rebirth" universe...whats the deal there?

Like, why would he stand seperate from all of this?
If he is the "original", what/who was the new one meant to have been?

Another thing is Batman - all of these titles largely maintained the pre-52 continuity in the first place...yet, neither he, nor any member of the Bat family (supposedly pretty smart and cluey people) ever acknowledged that something was up with all this.
Even though Batman is a member of the Justice League, and has interacted with, worked with them throughout the new 52 continuity.

There's been some weak link to something in the Watchmen universe.
Something about 3 Jokers.
Few other things.

But nothing adresses these issues.

I'm beginning to wonder if the "new 52" universe, leading into the "rebirth" universe actually exists...or have Superman and Batman been somehow Matrix'd into them.
I mean hell that would be one long, slow burn twist...but I'm wondering how else they plan to explain it.

In any event, the rebirth stuff has been great so far - it's just this lack of cohesion and explanation that's annoying me.
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They are setting up a return of Doomsday.
I command by the power of Christ and the Gospel for this evil spirit that is inside this man or woman to come forward now and to face the judgment of God.

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It's a mess from what I understand. I don't read those comics though. I did read the big story about the Rebirth surprise and basically, this is kind of a spoiler but since you are reading I guess you know already, what DC is going is putting Watchmen in the same universe as the DC heroes. It wasn't like that before and there were some corporate deals in place that DC had to do like continue publishing the Watchmen graphic novel I think to even keep the rights to Watchmen. But now since they have placed them in the same universe, they don't have to do the continual graphic novel publication.

Anyway, the blue guy from Watchmen is the one that created the New 52 universe supposedly. They, DC and the writers, from what I read are blaming the dark and serious stories on Watchmen's influence in I believe what they call a meta way. I hope Watchmen don't make it into the DC movie universe as well because Superman vs Batman was dark. And that would be a stupid reason. Rather than just accepting that the director and writers don't understand and went too far with the characters.

I believe the full explanation of what's going on in the DC universe won't happen until the next big event comic usually during the summer. So probably there will be some news after the conclusion of the Justice League vs Suicide Squad crossover that I saw some art for recently.
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I was more familiar with Batman: The Animated Series as a kid and I never really read the comic books. I used to love Batman and I admired his "no kill" policy when it came to fighting crime. But as I got older and started getting exposed to the darker Batman like comic books, movies, and even those Arkham video games I realized that not only does he kill people but his alter ego Bruce Wayne is kind of a jerk. Just a spoiled rich playboy living in a big mansion with his own corporation who can pretty much get away with murder because he's Batman.

Also I feel that he uses his dead parents as an excuse to take his anger out on poverty-stricken street criminals who probably never had a life as good as he does. I always end up feeling more sorry for the henchmen than I do Batman because they all must be completely desperate for money to feed their families if they choose to work for a dangerous psychotic villain like The Joker.

And I really don't like any of the other DC superheroes either. Or the Marvel ones. I feel like a lot of those so-called superheroes really aren't so heroic.
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I used to read their Vertigo line. Doom Patrol and Shade The Changing man.
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