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Hostel is pretty cool, way better than Cabin Fever (f****** garbage).
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I liked Cabin Fever and heard many things about Hostel, some people said it was terrible and other people loved it. I finally watched yesterday and I think is a great movies, Roth is becoming one of my favourite directors. Hope he keeps the pace.:)
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I really liked this movie.


I thought it was so funny when the guy cut himself with the chainsaw. I laughed for about a minute.

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I just saw it, and I haven't been this dissapointed since Saw came out.

What's so "grizzly" and "sick" about this, folks, is that it was an absolute mess. Here's why:

1. I'm looking for a horror movie that atmospherically tries to scare us, like the good old days. This one seemed more concerned about how many times they could slip the word "fuck" in (like all other movies produced or directed by Tarintino :rolleyes: ). Swearing is good when used in context, but when a kid is talking to a hotel (or hostel) manager in real life he isn't going to talk like these kids did.

"Hey, do you have any fuckin' rooms? Fuck, man. I just wanna fuck."

2. The gore was really not that extreme at all. The grizzliest part **SPOILER**

was the eyeball scene, but the damn eyeball looked so fake that I actually laughed when I saw it.

3. The acting was SHIT. For the first half of the movie, I swear to God I felt like I was watching Euro Trip. Horrible dialogue.

"Dude, I'm so fucking amped, man, Let's fuckin' fuck some chicks, man. Oh fuck! There's so many hot fucking girls in this fucking place! Fuck!"

Not to mention Roth had to slip that fag in who was, like, 45 years old. They pick this guy up, and everything he says or does is gay- to the extreme. If I picked a guy like that up and he jumped one ME while I was having sex with a hot babe, he'd be gone right there. But no. This is supposed to be funny.

It was a sloppy mess.
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*Possible Spoilers*

Well I finally seen it, and I did have high hopes for it being "The scariest movie in ten years"...somebody told me. But sadly it wasn't that good. It wasn't bad but it wasn't good.

I didn't care that it took 30 minutes to start, or that there was nudity. Its just when it came to the torture and whatnot it just didn't deliver. All the deaths were off screen and alot of the prostetics looked like...prostetics.

Another thing is the second Japanese girl killing herself. I understand plot wise, it was to get the lead to safety, but really I don't think anyone would do that. Its called moral obligation, because someone risked their life to save yours.

The gore was nothing new, nor shocking. The eye scene did creep me out, but like someone said, it looked fake. The hype for this movie was crazy...and i'm not looking forward to Hostel 2.

Overall a better movie then Cabin Fever...buts thats not saying much.
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Moral obligation has nothing to do with the fact that now she was a freak instead of a cute Jap girl doomed to spend the rest of her life remembering the moment she saw Hell. Hostel wasn't nearly as brutal as it should have been. Roth's playing exploitation filmmaker old school which sucks.
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