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They Look Like People (2015)

"Suspecting that people around him are turning into evil creatures, a troubled man questions whether to protect his only friend from an impending war, or from himself."

The film seems more technique than story. On the good side, I think the film cinematography and shot direction is very effective in creating mood, creepiness and suspense, and best of all relays the "possible psychological condition" as well as any film I've seen. The main issue I have with the film is we don't get to know the main characters very well, and I think it feels like it's missing. The dramatization often comes across like mumblecore (a natural performance technique I like, and like here), however it generally stays there, and I'm not sure this was a cinema verite story, or film... I don't think it entirely works.

As we must wait till end before we can decide if it's a horror, science fiction or psychological thriller film, we must admit it, then, that it can't really be any of the above... surely it's a mystery in disguise.

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47 METERS DOWN (2017). THE SHALLOWS was much better, but this has some good scary moments and thought it was quite suspenseful when one of the leads ascends to give info and You know that danger could come from anywhere. Slightly flabby script and characterization lower this a peg. **1/2
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