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CTR: Nitro Fueled

So this is one of the latest "remake" games coming out soon.

The Spiro 3-game remake looks pretty sweet, I'll be grabbing that as it's sure worth the money, they were excellent examples of 3D platforming, and the update has them looking beautiful on modern TVs.

So Crash Team Racing. PS1. Pretty old game now eh?
Thing is?
I'll still play it.
Every now and then we'll actually dust off our PSONE and have had many a late night session playing through the races, collecting gems and tokens and of course...the brilliant battle mode.

I used to think Mario Kart 64 was the be-all, end-all of this type of games...and I played that a fair bit (never had an n64) while visiting with friends, pretty much learned that back to front, and the battles were pretty fun.

Then I started on CTR.
First thought was "ok yet another kart clone".
I was so wrong.
It was faster, but not un-fun stupid-fast like say, speed freaks was.
I preferred the tracks, the weapons, and I feel like it looked a little better, even though graphic superiority is not always a marker of quality.

My favourite thing though?
The battle mode.
With all characters, levels, and weapons unlocked...myself and Spal could literally keep one battle going, for HOURS. The ability to cover-dodge homing/projectile weapons, or go invisible or drop a box just at the right time.
Dropping fake blocks "inside" the real ones. Jumping on top of and over each other, HUGE AIR, and just...the levels were fun. The snow arena was one of my favourites, but I'd play just about any of them.

I went back to Mario Kart 64 some time after...and it was honestly like...I couldn't do it. CTR had outdone it so well in almost every way (including speed), that it just seemed like a shallow, second rate experience.

So yeah, I love CTR. Always have.
Of course, just like the Mario Kart series (IMO) hasn't really managed to release any titles I've found to be worth playing after the 64 version...CTR failed to drum out any worthy successors either.

I really wanted to like NITRO KART & TAG TEAM RACING, and while both looked a little more polished than their predecessor, neither had tracks, maps, or battles that were any better. Nitro Kart actually seemed slower, and TTR just brought gimmickry into it.
I guess Naughty Dog was good at the CRASH license, and none of the others really have been.
I've always been disappointed by this.

Until now, it seems.

I'll be buying this as soon as it's out.
Looks amazing.
High hopes that with all the sparkle it still FEELS and controls like the first game did, because for me that was perfection.
If there's some new courses, characters and battle maps thrown in that would be very nice, but all in all? Even if it's a straight remake with little to no changes but graphical? I'm still getting this, brand new.

I'd encourage anyone with a PS4 if you have never payed this title back in the day, get it now. I'll even have a game with you after I shake some rust off.

Really, REALLY fun game.
The door opened...you got in..:rolleyes:

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