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Talking Need help from Horror Addicts

Hey Guys,

I'm a Brit living in New Zealand. My partner is a gore and prothestic artist in films. I am about to open a horror film related business over here in New Zealand and would really appreciate some feedback from horror fans :)

I have bought an 1890 colonial homestead that used to be a retreat for nuns and an isolated logging cabin (not at the same time haha). It has been completely un-renovated to date. We have kitted it out to look like the set of a horror movie (inspired by some of my old faves 'Texas Chain Saw Massacre', 'Evil Dead', Wrong Turn'.

The concept is that you road trip to the location (it's in the middle of nowhere, nestled in a forest at the base of a mountain with no power or phone access), and experience what it might be like if you stumbled across a serial killing families homestead for real. We have different packages. Some you can just explore the crime scene, some have actors.

What I want from you guys is some feedback as to what horror fans would like from a holiday like this. What would make this an experience that you would like to go on?

I'm not from a big company. Truth is, I just got drunk on a holiday one day and decided to blow my entire divorce settlement on this crazy idea. Within a week I had found and offered on this cabin. Within a month I owned it! I have spent the last four months doing it up. We are set to open on Halloween this year. The local farmers have been great donating us every dead animal in the area and animal blood too! One turned up with 240 rotted pigs jaws! It's been fun but now, before I get to work on the final decorations and game plan, I thought it would be great to check in with people that might be our target audience.

Here is the website...


And another that we created about the crimes (urban legend style so written as if it were real)


Bit about me...

I have been obsessed with horror since I watched the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre on my 13th birthday. I studied criminlology for a bit but wasn't clever enough to finish it. I used to investigate true crime as a hobby and photograph real crime scenes and interview witnesses.

We have been lucky enough to get donations from some real horror films to get props and furniture for the cabin. Great that my partner has contacts in the film industry!

Hope that this isn't too annoying to you all. Just want feedback from the right target audience. Even if it is, I think I will stick around. Seems like my sort of place :)

Claire (mostly known as kooky) from Masterton, New Zealand
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Sounds like my kind of vacation. Quite quaint. So the farmers donate dead animals to you to adorn the walls? Wish we could get away with that in the States.

What's the price range on a weekend at this joint?
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