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Danish rural gothic horror comic

Ever wondered what a horror comic from the darkest part of denmark might look like?
Well, here 's a chance to find out:

Writer: Lars Kramh°ft
Artist: Tom Kristensen
A young architect named Michael must travel back to the haunted mansion of his childhood to uncover the secrets of a past that still haunts him. Together with his girlfriend Michael embarks on a journey down memory lane that soon turns into a very real, and very dangerous struggle against a force from beyond the grave determined not to let Michael escape again...

Read the first chapter online for free HERE!

I'm the writer of this book, and both me and the artist has put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into making this a good read. We'd love to hear what you think out there...

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Pretty cool art. I'm having a hard time reading and juggling the UI; I'll have to try when my laptop is docked into one of my monitors.

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Looks good, sounds promising.

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I rarely wonder that, seeing as I'm from there.

Har i faaet det her udgivet? Tror ikke jeg har hoert om det?

Interesting, never the less. Looking forward to seeing where this is going?! =)

[Edit] I like the art in this one. The quirky lines adds a lot of space. It's also a great red you've found. I checked out your profile on Tegnebordet, but I'm not entirely convinced it's the same person as you? It seems this comic has a bit more gravity than some of the stuff I found in there?

Anyway - best of luck! I know how hard it is to get anything through the presses these days.

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danish, graphic novel, horror

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