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Christmas Evil (1980)

Has anyone else seen this movie? I watched it recently becuase it was free on demand. I didn't expect much and I didn't really get much either but the reason I bring it up is because of the ending. If you've seen the movie you know what I'm talking about about. I guess what I'm getting at is.... haha! That was quite possibly the greatest ending ever to terrible film. It was hilarious and I was just kind of wondering what other people thought of it.
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It;s a great film - i tend to watch it every Xmas. The whole thing is just so fucked up..
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I watched it while it was on Demand too... just cuz, like I said-- I'll watch anything once, it sounded interesting but looked terrible...

short of it all... I fell asleep, I don't recall the ending... although, I'm not sure if it was the movie itself or cuz I was sicker than a dog....
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I really dug this movie, right up there with Silent Night, Deadly Night. Great ending too.
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