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Wolf Creek 3 is officially in production!

Wolf Creek 3 is officially in production, and yes, John Jarratt is returning for the role of Mick Taylor. I know there are some haters of this movie but I thoroughly enjoyed the first two films, and I don't like gore as much as the next horror fan!

Is anyone else excited to see the third installment in the Wolf Creek series?


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I love the Wolf Creek movies so look forward to this.
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Can you create a thread without promoting http://10digitdudes.com ?
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I don't like the glorifying of depraved characters like this film. I suppose a single film exploring an aspect of darkness in humanity makes sense in terms of horror--not my thing, but Wolf Creek always seemed to glorify the character as a hero. That's my difficulty with the first movie (haven't seen the others). Not to say it isn't a well made film.

Characters like Mick? I like to see them get their just reward at the hands of their victims. I suppose that's hypocritical of me in the end though isn't it?
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