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This one definately doesn't "DETHRONE" the original, but it's an excellent film none the less. Whenever Savini, and Romero work together, it's destined for greatness!
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While I don't think that it's as good as the original, I do appreciate it for being a very decent update. I also like the fact that the female lead is a lot stronger in this version, but there is something to be said for the female lead in the original as well and how she appears almost zombie-like in shock for what's transpiring around her. All in all, same film from different angles. Not bad at all!
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I like this one better than the original.
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Best remake . Almost scene for scene. I enjoyed this one a little more than the original.
This movie was the very first horror movie I ever watched.
I asked my mom to rent me a scary movie when I was 7 and she was against it .
After months of begging she came home with this vhs.
After about 5 minutes of watching I've been hooked and have been a horror fan ever since.
It did something to me. I remember feeling frightened and I liked it. It took me about 10 views of watching before I finished it because I would turn it off every time but I would get 10 min further each time.
I've always had a love for zombie movies because of this one film and I still to this day rent every zombie movie chasing that feeling hoping one will compare to this film. Only a couple ever have for me.
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