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friday the 13th part 5,7, 9 and 10. i watched all these back to back the other day and found these ones crap, i used to like when i was a kid but now i can see just how crap these ones are.

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Originally Posted by Elvis_Christ View Post
I don't really see how it ruined the character at all. A child killer is just as vile as a child molester.
I guess what i meant to say was ruined it for me. I always saw Freddy as a villain you can like, someone interesting with a good backstory and someone who you wouldnt mind seeing win because he's kinda awesome. Making him a child molester takes away all that and to be honest, making him that just to make him as vile as possible just seems kinda cheap. I'd rather he be credited as a great villain due to the performance and the story instead of just how horrible he was in general.
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Platoon of the Dead, enough said. The worst piece of garbage ever made.
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leezuki, they are so bad but in the best way. I love campy horror movies, they are really like watching a comedy.
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Late to the party here but it didn't bother me they made Freddy a child molester. I always thought it was sort of implied he was a sexual predator anyway. Every time they say "child murderer" in the series I laugh, because it sounds like they really want to say "child molester", which judging from a few of the other posts does sound like the direction they wanted to take it.

I like the post talking about him potentially being wrongly accused (though the dungeon of serial killer paraphernalia under his shed in Freddy's dead make this unlikely).
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if i remember right wes said at the time he was going make him a molester but at the time they was a story about a bunch of teachers in atlanta doing that to the kids
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As a film maker, I have to say that Zombie Lake was one of the most artlessly made films I've ever seen.

I still enjoyed it though :cool:
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I remember watching a movie years ago called 'Demon Cop', so bad it was hilarious!
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I've seen so many bad horror movies, it would be hard to come up with a list of the worst ones. So here are a few more notable movies that I just can't stand.

- Bug
If this movie was made by Uwe Boll instead of William Friedkin, there would be message boards dedicated to how bad this movie really is. But since it is Friedkin, people praise it because he made two great movies 40 years ago.

- House of 1000 Corpses
I've heard Rob Zombie interviewed saying that "the studio heads were too freaked out from this movie, so I was able to obtain the rights to it". No Rob, it's because they didn't want to embarrass themselves by putting out a poorly made piece of dreck! Horrible dialogue ("Who's your daddy?" Really???), scenes that have nothing to do with the movie, and the most haphazard editing, with silly cut scenes, that just make you scratch your head wondering "Why?". Some of the scenes are just completely laughable. There's one part in the flick where Otis has a gun to an investigating deputy's head, there's a long, slow, pull away with the camera, trying to build up tension (I guess). And when he shoots the cop, the effect just fails. The gun is shot, a full seond later smoke goes off into a completely different direction in which the gun is pointed. Even Arlen Specter would've said "WTF?" if he saw this gun shot. Tommy Wiseau laughs at this movie!

- Halloween 2007
No, I'm not a ROb Zombie hater. I've seen White Zombie live probably 10 times in my life. I'm also not someone who thinks doing remakes is a blasphemous act. This movie is terrible without any preconceived bias or prejudice. Not to compare it to the original, but the great thing about Carpenters Halloween is it let you use your imagination. Why did Michael just up and decide to butcher his sister one night? Why is he a sociopath? A persons imagination can scare them more than a few frames of celluloid ever could. ROb kind of spoon feeds people a bunch of bullshit to make Michael the person he is. But he doesn't bother explaining how Michael went from a short chubby little blonde hair kid into a 8 foot tall behemoth. Were they feeding that kid horse steroids at the asylum? I guess not, just more terrible casting by Rob. And yeah, that's another thing. ROb tries to endear himself to horror fans, by making himself really available, for interviews and he casts actors from classic horror movies. It's called pandering and it isn't a reason to stick up for him. Being a hardcore horror fan, doesn't give you the talent to make a movie. If that was the case, I'd be Alfred Hitchcock.

- The Wicker Man 1973
I really shouldn't write this because I have yet to watch the entire movie. I always watch it to a certain point and then I have to turn it off. I get so frustrated because I'm looking to watch a horror movie, not South Pacific with pagans. It's hard to take a movie seriously when the cast of the movie breaks into song every 5 minutes.
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Final Destination 4
The Grudge 3
Prom Night (Remake)
Wrong Turn 4

there are many others but i just can't remember.
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