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it was good because...

I loved it, even tho it seemed to me that the director, after some good ideas in Phantasm, spent the rest of his career trying to exploit those same ideas. It's a common mistake horror film makers make: if one flying blood-sucking steel sphere scary, then three must be three times as scary. I mean Silver Sphere. I thought it was witty when the critic, when the movie came out, said that it had the best flying blood sucking sphere so far that year.

I think I read this review in Castle of Frankenstein. The guy wrote that Phantasm has enough satisfying surprises for three horror movies, but not enough logic for one.

Here's what's the pay-off for me: When the door bursts open and there's the Tall Man, big as life and twice as ugly. He growls out "Boy-y-y-y!" and starts to chase Michael, and Michael starts to run, and that eerie music starts up again, and there we are, right back in the middle of a classic nightmare: being chased by the Bad Man.

The first half hour of the movie was slow. but the rest of the movie makes u for it.

And, of course, if you think the movie is over and leave a couple of minutes too soon, you miss the surprise ending.
What ever happened to Angus Scrimm?
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Originally Posted by idoneus1957 View Post
What ever happened to Angus Scrimm?

He sadly passed away back in 2016.

My ranking for the series is still the same:


The series deserved a much better finale than 5. What a disappointment.
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