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The head hunter opinion

I liked the movie, I have not seen many movies like this one(If you know of more, recommend XD ) but I think the movie has the greatest fail ever:

We see the hunter is relatively organized for a single man in the time frame the movie is portraying to be, the shots of his home are of an organized home, all has it's place, the only thing we see scattered are papers, but everything else is in order

This is where it has the flaw, which IMO was used as a plot device by writers that either did not think this through deep enough, or just wanted to get on with it... The jar, it is very clearly portrayed that he has those jars(As any mage or sage, or alchemist or whatever would) organized and secured, he has a specific shelve with a lid that covers the jar, and is fixated together with the chain we clearly see him unlocking, so I find it very hard to believe that he would just leave SUCH AN IMPORTANT JAR lying unsealed, and unsecured, when he has that shelve set up FOR THOSE JARS

So after that I just saw the movie pretending that the monster was an immortal one and the jar thing never happened, and that gives IMO bad points to the movie(And I know that if ONE doze of goo gave the thingie{Do we even know what it is?} immortality, then the hunter IS immortal, as he has been using that for probably YEARS, so if there is a sequel{Which I hope there is} that point can be covered, but still, it was a very big point that left me spine tingling XD )

So what are your thoughts on this and the movie in general?
Do you think there will be a sequel?
Do you WANT a sequel?
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