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I'm thinking about buying a dreamcast... I loved powerstone 2
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MVP Baseball 2004. :cool:
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There's kind of a story to this all...so it's a little long, but I garauntee, it does EVENTUALLY lead to what games I've been playing, I promise.

So check this out....had a PS2 a while back, but got rid of it due to a month of no games I wanted coming out...anyways, point is, I don't have it anymore.
My OLD Dreamcast also broke, died slowly after being dropped...
I loved both systems, probably the dreamcast a little more, but then again, ps2 has the ps1 library behind it...so I guess all things considered, they're ABOUT even.

So, I've been pc only for a little while, but last week, I purchased both a chipped ps1 (the tiny one), and a dreamcast (which came with a ctrl and an arcade stick...SWEET!!!), BOTH, with some fireworks, and some badass weed, very cheaply.
I mean MENTALLY cheaply.
Anyways, there was a few little problems that kinda pissed me off, but here's the story of how bad, went good.

The PS1 had no controllers, my friend neglected to mention this to me, or, claimed he did and that I forgot as I am...forgetful...either way, the thing came with over 50 games (sure, they're all copies, but hey....I gives no fuck), so it's sitting there with these 50 games - totally unplayable.
It was 5 minutes too late to head to my local Electronics Boutique, I was stewing all night looking at the USELESS system with contempt.
(That's the bad luck bit)
so...I started playing the Dreamcast.

The Dreamcast worked fine, came with 1 ctrl and 1 arcade stick, and 7 games - 3 official and 4 copies.
Three of the copied games needed a goddamn boot disc, which I didn't have, so I was left with four working games:
*P.S.O - SOOOO Boring, I hated this game...
*Sonic Adventure 2 - Which wasn't in it's case, my friend still had it, yeah, and he calls ME forgetful.
*Gauntlet legends - Which I don't mind at all...
*Capcom vs SNK - which is ok, but yknow not great I.M.O, I was always more of a marvel vs capcom 2 kinda guy....

So I had all this stuff, and all myself and GF could play (really) was Gauntlet legends...which was fun, but got a little tedious after an hour or so. So yes, that whole night, I was reflecting upon the situation, thinking that even how I got this INCREDIBLE deal, it seemed like I'd been fucked over, not so much by my friend, as by fate.
Although I did have fireworks and weed, so all was still RELATIVELY well...

The next day - this is where the good luck happens...
Yknow how I missed the EB business hours by five minutes? I'm glad I did...'cos when I went in to buy two ps1/ps2 controllers, they'd been put on 1/2 price that very day. Had I made it on time the day before, I would've paid double.
I picked up two joytech controls, not their shitty ones either, two VERY good ones, cool black and grey colour - and rubber countoured grips along the bottom....FUCK YEAH, they are SO the best controllers ever. So there you go, my good luck begins with the ability to play 50+ games on a very comfy half price controller.
I called my korean friend Steven to see if he wanted to hook up that night to set off some fireworks at a nearby sports field...and during the conversation on the phone, I mentioned that I got the ps1 and dreamcast...so he says
"oh, ok...I used to have a dreamcast, I still have a few games if you want them, the system broke"
So I told him that he could bring 'em along when we met up.
Later that night at the sportsfield, he rocks up with a bag, a BIG bag full of stuff. So, since his DC was broken, this stuff was just sitting around. I got a memory card, an extra controller, and like 20 games, all at no cost whatsoever...so, after setting off a few fireworks, telling my friend how kickass he was, smokin' a J and chillin' for a bit, I went home.
Ok, so there's the story. Overall, I think the good fortune dwarfed the bad luck...

Ok, so I've been playing:

*Soul Calibur on DC - This is still my favourite fighting game, I like it even better than I did the second one, SO replayable....I played and played and unlocked all the secret characters.

*CTR on ps1 - My gf and I played for HOURS last night to unlock all the extra battle stages...then had a few battles. - BEST. RACING. BATTLE. EVER.

And I'm right about to get into a game called Grandia 2, which I've heard is pretty good...

- B.
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Originally posted by Hate_Breeder
Finally got Socom 2 online at my house with a brand new mic :cool:

Anybody play and maybe want to challenge me?
Bring It On......

The SOCOM series is the only game that has ever kept my interest for longer than about a week....I play SOCOM II on a regular basis.....
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Bitches, Im the SOCOM king.
anyways the games iv been playing have been
Rumble Roses
Sly 2: Band of Thieves
The Thing
DragonBall Z: Budokia 3
007: Everything or Nothing
and i finished Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater a while back.

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Right now I'm playing Resident Evil 0 for Gamecube (both are my friend's). I beat San Andreas like 2 weeks ago DAY AND NGHT DAY AND NIGHT man that's all I did. I wanna play Metal Gear Solid 3 really bad, my bro said he's get it for me. I wanna play Silent Hill 4 but I heard it's not that great. Resident Evil and Silent Hill are my faves but I think SH is alot better......Iwanna play RE remake for Gamecube and def Resident Evil 4 man Whew

But back on Subject.....Resident Evil 0
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on the ps2 im playing T.H.U.G and on the XBOX im playing KOTOR 2
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For the last few weeks Ive been playing X-Men:Legends on Gamecube NON-STOP....Hot damn thats a sweet game
"There is always some madness in love. But there is also always some reason in madness." - Friedrich Nietzsche
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latley I have been playing a variety of games

Far cry
SOF II (soldier of fortune)
True Crime

stuff like that.

Click for B-Movie reviews!
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playing star ocean 3 on my PS2
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