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Thumbs down The worst movie trailer in Youtube history

I would consider Ghostbusters a horror/paranormal/comedy, the originals anyway. But the new upcoming movie has been granted the title of worst trailer in Youtube history, based on the reaction of fans.

Here;s the link I read which has the info:
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I don't see the problem. Its not directed by Ivan Reitman so it will be different. I give little or no value to youtube comments. I will try to see it in theaters no question. I am a bit bothered by the black character being 'street smart', loud, less higher education. The actor herself says she doesn't see a problem with it and that its not racist, shrug. I loved the first two Ghostbusters and I see the trailer showing the same sort of theme, but from different angles/styles of humor. I do think the trailer makes the film seem like it lacks the strength of the characters, Egon, Venkman(sp?), Ray, Louise, and Winston. The film seems to be less a piece of art than slapstick, quick one liners, and sfx akin to the most recent super hero movies. So I don't go into seeing it expecting the quality of the original two films, just the same sort of uninspired super hero films we have now. The difference being the pedigree gives it a chance of being something better than its current counterparts.
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i don't know if it is bad enough to be desurving of that title but i am very much not a fan of that trailer and i hope that the movie is better than the trailer looks. i was looking forward to the movie because i grew up with the originals and i don't think it needs a sequel or remake but if they are going to do it i think havng a female cast is a good way to set it apart from the other two movies and it's not like you can just bring back the original cast since egon has passed away and bill murray doesn't want to be part of it so that leaves winston who is great and ray who is fun but that is not enough for another movie. so if they are going to do it this is a good way to do i thought but the trailer looks like the movie is just...annoying and dumb humor instead of the dry witty clever humor of the original and if i am not comparing it to the original, on it's own it just doesn't look funny to me. all that being said there are many worse things on youtube but this trailer is a hot topic right now and it's popular to hate so it makes sense even if it is not really as bad as the achievement of worst trailer ever implies.
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Personally, I was upset they remade it (plus, I just generally hate remakes now that we have almost nothing but), I hated the idea of women (especially since it screamed of either being a cheap gimmick or a really transparent and not very good way to sidle their way into the hearts of women (or feminists). The second trailer they made was better than the first one, but with what they show in the first....it doesn't look funny. Plus, though I still might not have liked it, it at least would have been more palatable to have women as the Ghostbusters if they would have made them the daughters of the original characters. They could have had them just starting out taking over the family business. And since they already established Peter as having a son, Oscar, could have been the new secretary.
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