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Karate kill 2016



Director: Kurando Mitsutake

Writer: Kurando Mitsutake

Cast: Hayate, David Sakurai, Asami, Katarina Leigh Waters, Mana Sakura, Kirk Geiger, Noriaki
Kamata, Kirk Geiger, Tomm Voss, Jeffrey James Lippold

Running Time: 85 min
Verdict:- 2.7/5 (Some decent kills, nudity and decent performances saves this movie)

Regarding Kurando Mitsutake, Well he is the man behind the movie The gun woman, which course I have seen way back and liked it, though his earlier movie called Shutter was a total average and boring experience to deal too, I was somewhat less enthusiastic to witness his new venture, and frankly after witnessing it, am somewhat happy and sad at this venture. I would mostly say am happy with this overall product. But some minor negative factors are totally hard to avoid as well, which we will get to it eventually.
So, a taekwando master and a brother, after hearing no news about his sister, who is currently located in USA, for higher studies and plans to pursue a career in acting, well he ends up heading up in the States to find about the truth. He lands up at her place, only to find out, that she is nowhere around, and that the place is being occupied by some pervert Japanese guy, who is about to get nawty with a American woman. But duh, Kenji (Hayate) walks in between, smacks the hell outta this guy and finds the place, where he believes his sister was working.
So, he strolls in there, the bartender kicks him out, but he is a tough guy right, so he fights back and the owner finally reveals the truth about Mayumi, i.e Kenjiís sister. Turns out she has been taken as a bait by a sadistic cult leader called Vladenski who runs a online snuff channel called capital messiah, which almost has snuff movies ranging from killing to rape blah blah. Well the deal is simple actually. The owner had to pay some dues to Vladenski and after the refusal for it, well he picks Mayumi and her friend for his sadistic torture ahead.
So, to save them both, he travels to Texas, and ends up finding a savior in a gal called Keiko, who was the only one, to escape from the clutches of the gang, after losing her right hand from the gang, and she decides to help him out in getting his sister back. Well they fall in love duh, (but it is not stretched, so taking a deep breath now), and they head back to the place, but hey it isnít gonna be a easy rescue right?
Well shit happens, and Keiko gets killed, and he is captured, and he ends up being a bait for a online kill game similar to Death race, where viewers are paying for it, and streaming it live. So duh, he wins and fights back and rescues his sister. The end.
Now letís get with negative factors first. See I donít mind CGI, but some scene are really bad to look out for, and secondly on top of that, though the villain ends up being interesting, his coward act he displays in the end eventually, was a bit turn off for me. I would have loved a resistance shown here, which is there, but it is more of a retreat rather than a resistance, so this is where things look stalled for me. I wonít lie but, honestly rather than the main lead, it Vladenski, who brings a better more menancing act and it is quite a treat to watch. But he gets killed too easily in the end, so it just spoils everything in general.
Regarding positive attributes, well everyone acts well to some stance, and you get some nice action scenes, along with tons of nudity, since this is a Hollywood/Japanese venture, where unlike Japanese movies, which are censored around nudity, this one doesnít shy away from it, which is a good thing. Secondly, the nudity isnít forced at all, it just flows at the right moment so I have nothing to blame about it, for unnecessary nudity factor here.
It is not bad, but it wonít last long enough in your thoughts. So wanna enjoy a good weekend with some decent action filled nudity movie, well give this a chance. It wonít blow you up, but wonít kill you either.
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