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Something very wrong, and very stupid.

I am not sure if this should go in games or random thoughts, but it seems to be a crime against mmorpg gaming.

I joined the villagers and heroes mmorpg community and created my character name lord skythorn and leveled up to 12 in no time flat and got a house and stuff in darkside village of the empire guild.
I discovered you can have more than one hero. I decided to create a spam character. Lol
I created a character that looked like gg allen and named him likewise. I removed all his armour and had him run through the towns nude.
I started punching up on the global chat vulgar phrases from his horrible song ass face.

I got hilarious results
The best was when i sent this
Please have your kids leave the room.

You think you own my ass but really it's you, it's the only thing that reminds me of you, all fat and hairy and covered with zits, when you open your mouth out comes shit!

And here was the reply
Ewww, my kid is reading that you ****

I figured i would get banned but the mods were actually impressed that my character lacking armour, practically down to his underwear, slayed several large monsters and reached level five without dying within thirty minutes.
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