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Originally Posted by Angra View Post
Thought something was off with that guy as well. Maybe the character was well written but the actor just tried to hard to be a bad ass... Or maybe he didn't try hard enough? Maybe that character should've been played by Michael Ironside..... Or Rutger Hauer.

Except for the music I thought Turbo Kid had a lot more in common with Hobo With a Shutgun than Kung Fury. Kung Fury was just an insane 30 minutes epic cheese fest. I wonder if the full length version will be as epic. And yes, it will be made. A music video with David Hasselhoff and a Kung Fury ps4 game has come out, for crying out loud!!
It reminds me of Kung Fury because they both have an eighties feel about them.
I'll have to rewatch Hobo With A Shotgun. It's been a while.
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