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Originally Posted by leezuki View Post
hey roshiq, can i ask what movie that picture is from.
Evil Dead..
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Originally Posted by Ferox13 View Post
Evil Dead..
ahh thought it might have been, not seen it yet. cheers ferox

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To Kako aka Evil (2005)

I really didnt have any hope for this being even watchable, but was I surprised. So damn bad that it was awesome! Really cheesy and yet the gore was bad ass. One of the best movies ive watched in a while.
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Any Day Now

Stars Alan Cumming as a female impersonator, set in the 70s. He and his partner want to adopt his neighbor's Down Syndrome teenager. Of course, with it being the 70s, there's all kinds of prejudice against them, even though the mother is a crack whore. Very sad ending, which I won't give away in case some of you watch it. Cumming's New York accent was a little iffy at times, sometimes he sounded like Elmer Fudd. I was able to overlook that by the intensity of his performance. I recommend it.
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Originally Posted by ChronoGrl View Post
I've never seen this movie but it's one of my favorite pieces of cover art. I'm going to have to watch it now...
It's a must-watch if you like monster films with a message.


Interesting low-brow effort. Fairly enjoyable for those fans of contemporary zombie films.

* * *

Drags in parts but overall a watchable film.

* * *

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an ok but a bit predictable watch.
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Originally Posted by _____V_____ View Post

Interesting low-brow effort. Fairly enjoyable for those fans of contemporary zombie films.

* * *
Ditto, liked it too. I had very low expectations before watching it but found it pretty decently entertaining.
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Hey horror fans. I said I would posted when I see paranormal activity 4. there was a delay in doing that. Now I am. I seen it. It was ok ,, The blonde girl is cute lol for real though i met that. But what gets me though is the ending. it was weird I just couldn't figure it out. Click on video to view it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P71WdnNnSII Now on with the next movie I seen which is another horror. And it is the tortured. The creators who brought us the saw franchise. Released in 2010.

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I've been on a reptile kick as of late and watched Killer Crocodile and Killer Crocodile 2. I would never go so far as to say that they're good movies, they're really enjoyable if you dig campy Italian trash. Which I do.
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